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Welcome to the 7WCSCM

The World Conference on Structural Control and Monitoring (WCSCM) is a premier leading conference, under the auspices of the International Association for Structural Control and Monitoring (IACSM). The WCSCM, held every four years, is aiming at promoting advanced structural control and monitoring technology for a variety of civil, mechanical, aerospace and energy systems. The precedent conferences have been held in Pasadena - USA (1994), Kyoto - Japan (1998), Como - Italy (2002), La Jolla - USA (2006), Tokyo - Japan (2010) and Barcelona - Spain (2014).

The new edition of the WCSCM, 7WCSCM, will be hosted by Harbin Institute of Technology in July 2018. The conference will provide international research community a platform to contribute to the state of the art in such multidisciplinary scientific and engineering environment with new results, fresh ideas and future perspectives.

Qingdao, the hosting city of 7WCSCM, is one of most charming cities along the east coast of China. The mild climate, the beautiful sea beach, and Mount Laoshan make Qingdao City a popular health and holiday resort, particularly in summer, for visitors to sightsee and escape the summer heat.

On behalf of the IASCM and the conference organizing committee, I warmly invite you to join the 7WCSCM.

We look forward to meeting with you in Qingdao in July 2018.

Hui Li

Chair of 7WCSCM, 2018

Changjiang Scholarship Professor

Professor of School of Civil Engineering

Harbin Institute of Technology, China


The Second Announcement of 7WCSCM: Second_announcement_of_7WCSCM.pdf

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